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Saddle Brook Apartments Blog, Pewaukee, WI  In today's blog post we take a look at why it's important to write reviews, how to write a review, and how to evaluate reviews. Check it out.


Saddle Brook Apartments provides A-class amenities for members of our apartment community here in Pewaukee, WI, and based on our reviews, our residents like what we provide. Today, our blog post takes a look at why reviews are important, how to write a good review, and how to evaluate reviews.

Why Write a Review

We are inundated with a barrage of information easily accessible on our electronic devices. Unfortunately, all of that information isn’t always ranked according to value, substance, or applicability. Reviews help us navigate the information overload and zero in on what is important. From pizza places to furniture stores to where we live, reviews inform us. When it comes to apartments, reviews allow residents to have a voice regarding their community. Renter’s Voice succinctly sums up how to write reviews and why they matter, “Be sure to keep your review factually based and fair. People want to know the truth, not an exaggeration, because they are making important choices about their future and need to know what they can really expect.”

Writing Reviews

When you’ve got an issue, the best thing to do is schedule a face-to-face conversation with your property manager in an effort to get the issue resolved. If this issue is resolved, leave a review indicating this. If not, go ahead and write a review, but keep in mind that polite, factual information is more effective than personal rampages. Of course, it’s always nice to write about positive experience you’ve had, too. Whether you are praising or raising an issue to be resolved, include the following in your review:

  • Include relevant details and facts, but leave out harsh name calling and graphic language.

  • Use correct spelling and grammar — for instance, stick to one exclamation point — as poor mechanics can devalue the point you are trying to make.

  • Even when — or perhaps especially when — you’ve had a poor experience, state your case coherently, intelligently, and honestly. Name calling is counterproductive and typically does not get you the results you are after.

  • Include language that indicates what you experienced, acknowledging that not everyone will have the same experience.

Evaluating Reviews

If you’ve ever taken time to read through a multitude of reviews, you know they can range from being helpful to being laughable, so here are some tips on how to evaluate reviews.

  • Take the extreme reviews (both good and bad) with a grain of salt. In fact, toss them out of consideration.

  • Look for common themes among multiple reviews. If several people are saying the same thing, it’s more likely to be legitimate.

  • Read the overall tone of the reviews — are they mostly positive or negative?

  • Prioritize the content. Focus on the reviews that are most relative to your top concerns. For example, if you don’t care if there is a specific amenity that isn’t important to you, disregard reviews about that specific amenity.

We work hard to make our apartment communities pleasant places to live here in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Now that you’ve got more info about how to write a review, we invite you to leave a review for Saddle Brook Apartments. Thanks for reading today’s blog post.